While you and your customers will see an attractive layout with personalized web content, there is a “hidden area” of every website that visitors never see. Low cost options routinely leave the backend of the website unfinished. It is crucial that you contract pro’s to take care of this technical coding to make your website work on mobile devices, to return higher on the list from Google searches and to ensure the technology and security is working optimally.

You have a few options when deciding which Okanagan web design company to work with - we primarily serve Kelowna BC and the Vernon area. We’ve highlighted the benefits of contracting our mid-size company below.


Your neighbour or cousin’s sister can build a web site for you. Heck, some 10 years old can. But – we suggest you avoid a single point of failure. With a website being your ‘billboard’ to millions – we urge you to invest into doing it right the first time. Partner with trained, skillful web designers and internet technicians because you are not going to be happy when your email goes down or your domain name is sniped. You need to know someone is managing your site and it going to be there for you in a time of ‘crisis’. You need to know the bits and pieces of the web site that you can’t see are complete.


You could choose a big box company or a big city agency. We would argue that in a case like ‘YellowBook or BigDaddy’ you are conned into long contracts and/or if you want to cease doing do business with them you do NOT own your website. When you choose a low-cost package you can be sure that there will be continuous a la carte items you will need to get the website working optimally. Signing with a large agency, you may have a friendly sales rep but those working on your project are detached and likely funnel you through an assembly line process. In some cases much money is spent on administration. In others, your fees may contribute to a vacation home in Marseille.


We take the time to get to know your business and your wishes. We stand strong midway between the ‘basement techie’ and the ‘big boys’. You have access to a collaboration of skill sets at Bold Media including design, marketing, web dev and printing. You will receive personalized service and quick response. Website building requires that a plethora of data be blended in just the right way. The backend of your site can be as organized and useful as the front end. To keep your website current and relevant; the text / linking / metadata / traffic reports need to be created correctly and checked regularly. Trust Bold Media Group to deliver solid design and successful web solutions.

Another reason to choose an Okanagan web design company is their understanding of the local culture.

Building Culture That Rocks.