Branding can be thought of as a set of perceptions. Those perceptions may be true or untrue; but it is what we believe based on past experience.

In branding, we are striving for outer and inner alignment. The perception should portray your company’s “true heart” .

You are “branded” with something; or perhaps you are not memorable at all.

Your brand is a combination of:

  • who you are
  • what you sell
  • how you sell it
  • how you represent yourself in the marketplace

A good case study is Starbucks:
Disney sells happiness and Starbucks sells the “third place”. Both created consistent products and atmospheres. Starbucks sells a $10 experience not a coffee. This brand has been described as selling “a suburban country store”. The goal is to be the “third place” (work and home being place ‘one’ and ‘two’). In this third place you are comfortable and:

  • know what to expect
  • meet friends
  • see and be seen
  • market yourself by being there

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