Identity and Branding

Graphic, logo, and print design.

From logo design, business cards, signage, vehicle graphics, advertising and web design, it is important to develop and distinguish this concept of identity & branding that clients customers can relate to and identify with. Your company’s identity is as important to us at Bold Media Group Inc. as it is to you, and the people you wish to connect with. We take pride in working with our clients to ensure their business is properly and professionally presented to the public. Great branding makes for lasting first impressions!

Graphic and Print Design​

In today’s world there is a vast number of media avenues. Be it; web, business cards, signs, brochures, vehicle graphics, or a mixed media campaign, we are here to help you decide and implement the best solution. Graphic and Print design can include, but is not limited to the following list:

Logo Creation
Business Cards
Signage, Banners
Web/Desktop Presentations
Package Design
Flyer's, Booklets
- Be Memorable

Brand Asset Design

Before you start promoting your business determine your market as specifically as possible. We’ll help you identify your unique offering (after all a brand can be defined as “what makes you memorable?”). Bold Media Group will help you create appropriate images and text so your brand is remembered. We’ll help you create branding that includes more than just a logo.

You’ll be supplied with a variety of digital tools to communicate with your customers visually. These tools may include a word mark, an icon, a theme and a collection of photos, maps or line drawings. You likely will want the brand supplied in both vertical and horizontal formats; some images for your social media channels; properly proportioned graphics for stationery; and ideas for print ads and projects. We assist our clients with various marketing projects including online advertising, newsletter templates, brochures, signs, billboards, custom graphic design and illustration.

Brand Layers

The first three items are ‘caste in stone’. A brand should indeed be like a metal branding iron… exactly the same in every impression. Your branding layers or ‘pieces’ are the following:

A Wordmark

Your name designed in a distinctive and memorable way. It is important this word mark be converted to an image and never again considered “a font”. Fonts, even when named the same, do differ. Typography is an art and a professional can use plain fonts but still deliver a distinctive word mark. Decorative fonts are rarely a good idea as they can be difficult to read.

A Slogan

A promise you are willing to stand behind even when times get really tough. The slogan can be handled one of two ways: aka “the steak”, or, “the sizzle” The steak: a straightforward list of product (or service) The sizzle: a statement about what you promise and what you want people to remember.

A Colour Combination

Colour is one of the most cost effective ways to become memorable. Choose a colour or colour combination and use it as a key branding method. Don’t necessarily choose full-colour logos as you will likely want ‘one colour embroidery or vinyl’ in the future. Choose a colour combination you can afford to carry through with (analyze your media medium). One colour stationery or business cards are more memorable and more affordable.

A Theme

The theme is how we most easily appeal to the emotions. After creating a profile of your customer you may decide a “gardening” theme may work even if you do not sell gardening supplies. A theme can be changed from time to time; or, more than one theme can be developed. We will have flexibility in our communications without getting off track.